Homewares and Photo Frames are shipped using boxes.  

We try to keep the cost of the freight generally at 10% of the total of the order.  

Sets of Pots are Shipped on a Pallet.  We have found this is the safest way to get your pots to you in one piece.  

This also means that when they are in a set your freight is very efficient - 1 large pot containing normally 2-3 other pots inside.

This is one thing to consider when you are purchasing and considering freight.

Generally our pallet costs are higher than boxes.

An approximate cost is below for a pallet with the dimension 110cmx110cmx700cm.

Centre of Melbourne (3000) Approximately $150.

Centre of Sydney (2000) Approximately $180

Centre of Brisbane (4000) Approximately $200

Centre of Adelaide (postcode 5000) Approximately $160

Please let us know if you have a forklift.  This can assist with the cost of the pallet.

In some remote areas this is difficult to maintain an low cost for the pallet.  This is because the Freight companies sub contract out the work.

We do offer options of delivering it to the closest depot to you if it is efficient for you to pick up from there.

If you have any queries about freight on your order please call us and we can discuss the options.  

Claire or Matthew on 08 97212441.



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