Customer Care

Terms and Conditions

Customer Care


We will receive personal information from you when you make a purchase.

We will use this information for the following:

  • To fulfill the order and delivery. This is the only time that your information will be given to a third party. The delivery company will require this information to complete your order.
  • If you choose to subscribe to our newsletter or other marketing we will use your email address to send you information about our store.
  • If you set up an account on our website. We will use this information to enable you to shop.

We may use how you visit and behave on our site for our statical data.

For example, the pages you visit, the amount of time you spend on the site, where in the world you are viewing the site from, how you are viewing the site (pc, tablet, phone) Over time this data will give us an idea about what our visitors like and how they are finding our site.

This will enable us to make improvements to our site and make your shopping experience easier and more enjoyable.

Delivery and Damaged or Mis Shipped Goods

We have worked hard find the best packaging for our products.

We use Direct Freight Express and Mainfreight courier companies.  

All claims must be made in writing, with relevant photo evidence attached within 7 days of receiving your stock to 

Upon delivery please check your items before the courier leaves your premises and advise them if the boxes seem damaged.

Once we have received the details via email we will issue a credit note.

All pots will be delivered on Pallets.  As a rough guide our standard pallets are around $115 into the metro areas.  More when you are out of the metro area.

If you are out of the metro area, we will call you to discuss the freight and any options that you have used in the past to ensure your freight cost is as efficient as possible.  

For example, pickup from courier depot, delivering to a family member's house in the metro area.

If you do not have a forklift, there will be a hand unload or a tail lift charge.

Term and Conditions

Mes Homewares is a business trading under the company “Flat Out Property Investment Pty Ltd”.

Flat Out Property Investments and Mes Homewares endeavour to provide high quality images on the website. We recommend that you read the descriptions carefully before you purchase as the products vary in size and colour.

Flat Out Property Investments and Mes Homewares pricing is accurate and current. We reserve the right to alter and update our pricing and delivery charges at anytime.

As we receive new shipments prices may change due to freight and purchase price.

By using this site, you, the customer, agree to keep you account information safe and Flat Out Property Investments and Mes Homewares will assume that you are the customer using the account.

By registering for wholesale access to our website, you agree to receive emails relating to our products and promotions to the email you have provided as part of your wholesale registration.

If you wish to no longer hold an account with us and receive emails please contact

Flat out Property Investments and Mes Homewares will maintain open and honest communication with all our customers.

By using out website you understand and agree to the term and Conditions.

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